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At Jake’s, we believe that corporate gifting shouldn't be 'corny'. We offer a variety of flavors and custom packaging options to leave a lasting impression on your friends, clients, customers and employees!


Tell us what you need, how many and when and we’ll get right back to you. 


We have the following size bags:

2 cup A Little ($3.75/$4.25), 3 cup Fancy ($5.00/$6.00), 4 cup Mine ($6.50/$7.50),

7 cup I'll Share ($11.00 / $13.00) and 20 cup Party ($25.00 / $29.00)

The flavors in YELLOW are the first noted.

The more expensive flavors, "Concoctions" are the second noted above.

We have the following tin sizes:

1 gallon starting at $35.00 and 2 gallon starting at $45.00

Tins are refillable at a $10.00 discount.

You have the option to purchase in 5 or 10 gallon bulk bags and pack your own gifts.


We can ship the packages to individuals or we can pack them for you to ship. 


You can pick up your packages at the shop or arrange for us to deliver them to you to distribute.

You can use your own custom labeling for our product. 

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