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  • What types of popcorn do you offer?
    All of our popcorn is non GMO. We have both butterfly and mushroom type kernels. We offer a wide variety of popcorn options to suit every taste. We of course offer the standard flavors, but also everything from sweet to savory. Best of all, with our Build Your Own option, you can mix and match your favorite flavors.
  • What sizes do your popcorn products come in?
    Check out our sizing page. Our sizes include “A Taste” (1/2 cup), "A Little" (1 cup), "Fancy" (3 cups), "Mine" (4 cups), "OK, I'll Share" (7 cups), "Party" (20 cups), 1 gallon tin (16 cups) and 2 gallon tin (32 cups). The tins are a bit more expensive than the bags. If you live locally and can come into the shop, we refill the tins at deep discounts. We do not offer refills with mail order.
  • Can I order custom sizes of popcorn?
    Yes. Please contact us about the sizes, flavors and quantities that you are interested in.
  • What ingredients do you use in your popcorn products?
    Non-GMO corn, coconut oil, flavacol salt and - depending on the flavors - sugar, butter, chocolate, nuts, candies, cookies, sprinkles, and pretzels. Most of our products are Gold Medal products made specifically for popcorn. We do not use corn syrup.
  • Are your popcorn products gluten-free?
    Most of our flavors are gluten-free. The items with gluten are labeled and include Oreo, anything with pretzels, and anything with cookie bits. You can select "gluten-free" in the flavor options and see what we are currently offering.
  • Do you offer any vegan popcorn options?
    We have some Vegan options including plain, kettle corn, Tooty Frooty flavors, oreo, Q, and Pucker Up. We will be sourcing some vegan cheese flavors and other items and will have them labeled in the various flavor sections.
  • Are your popcorn products made in a nut-free facility?
    No, we are not a nut free facility. However, we have color coded trays and equipment that are used ONLY for nuts and nut products. We thoroughly clean and sterilize equipment before and after making any nut products, any gluten products, anything with soy, and anything with dairy due to food allergies. The same thing goes for packing any products containing nuts - all work areas are cleaned and sterilized before and after handling nuts. Proper hand washing and glove wearing is practiced in this facility.
  • How long does your popcorn stay fresh?
    We make our popcorn daily. We will ship on the day it is made. UNOPENED: The shelf life of buttered popcorn is 2 months, cheese flavored popcorn is 3 months, kettle corn is 4 months, and caramel/glazed/chocolate is 6 months. OPENED: We recommend that you consume it all within 2 weeks. Make sure to store the container away from sunlight and humidity. Keep the lid on the tin to help maintain freshness. Keep the zip lock bags properly sealed or place them within another zip lock type bag to maintain freshness once it is opened. Humidity will make popcorn go stale VERY QUICKLY! We put dessicant packs in the popcorn we are shipping since we have no control over shipping conditions and want to maintain the freshness as long as possible.
  • How can I buy popcorn for special occasions?
    Contact us directly via this website - or - take a look at the section labeled Corporate Events or Weddings and Parties to see what options you have. We try to be very flexible so if you want something and don't see it offered on our list, let us know and we'll see if we can make it for you. For custom items, it is helpful to make the request as early as possible. If we need special bags, boxes, ribbons or labels, these can delay the completion of the order.
  • Can I use my own label?
    Yes! You can either send us your labels to put on the product for pick up or shipping later - or - we can make your packages without labels and you can add the labels yourself. We may be able to custom make labels for you as well.
  • Can I send popcorn as a gift?
    Yes. If you are ordering online, create your order, select the shipping address (different from the billing address), give the billing address and payment and the package will be sent where you direct us. If you are ordering from us locally, you can come in the shop to place the order, call us or contact us through the website. If you want special packaging or ribbons, let us know.
  • Do you sell gift cards?
    Yes. Gift Cards are found under the "What did you get me" section of our website. We have actual cards in 2 options - "Butter Me Up" or "Worth Your Salt". They can be in any denomination from $10.00 to $500.00. We also have "e-cards" that will be delivered via email. We may, from time to time, offer printed gift cards at the shop for occasions like Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Mother's Day, Happy Father's Day etc. These would not be available online. Follow our Facebook page to see when we are offering these.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Almost anything that remotely resembles money.... all credit and debit cards, apple pay, google pay, gift cards from our shop, cash and on occasion checks for large events. The check must clear prior to us providing the order. We do not accept bitcoin or similar payment methods. If you are a tax exempt business, school or charitable organization, we can take payment without charging the sales tax once you have provided your tax exemption certification.
  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    We make popcorn fresh daily. If you are local, it is likely you will be able to come in the day of the order and pick up what you need. If you want a special flavor or a large quantity of a particular flavor, it may be a day or two. Contact us to confirm when we are making the item you want in the quantity you want. If we are shipping and the item you want is in stock, it will go out the same day. Then it's up to the carrier to deliver it in typically 1-7 days depending on the type of shipment you have chosen at the checkout. If we need to make a special flavor or provide a large quantity that is not in stock, we will contact you and confirm the completion of the order and when it will be sent out. Generally it's no more than 1-2 days for this. For large orders, we may ship in multiple cartons.
  • Can I track my order online?
    Yes. We use UPS and the fees vary with the weight and size of the packages. We will update fees on the website as soon as we are aware of any changes. . For packages containing chocolate or meltable product: You may want to choose next day Air or Two Day Air to avoid melting of the product. From May through September, we take extra care to pack your order in insulated shipping boxes with frozen gel packs because fine chocolate does not do well in the summer heat. We also follow this shipping policy with UPS: Ground: No ground shipping between May 1 - September 30 2nd Day Air: Orders ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Next Day Air: Orders ship on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Note: Shipping may also be held until Monday to avoid shipping over the weekend when necessary Tips Before you place your order, follow our tips for the best experience: If you live in a state with weather typically above 70 degrees, choose 2nd Day Air when you place your order. Choose Monday for your ship date when possible, to prevent your order from being in transit over the weekends, which can extend transit times and exposure to the summer heat Make sure someone is available to receive your package(s) at the time of delivery to prevent your package(s) from sitting outside in hot weather
  • Do you have a retail location?
    Yes. The address is: 6328 Seven Corners Center, Falls Church, VA, 22044. We are located in the upper level of the Seven Corners Shopping Center on the Leesburg Pike side of the center. We are between the Michael's store and the Vacuum Store - fairly close to the center of building. There is parking in front and we have a handicap access ramp right at the front door.
  • What is your return policy?
    If we have shipped an item to you and it arrives damaged, please take a photo of the box (noting any damage) and the contents (noting any damage) and contact us. We can replace the shipment for you or refund the money for the popcorn. The shipping fees are not refundable. If you have ordered a product containing chocolate or a meltable ingredient and you have NOT requested 1 day or 2 day Air for your delivery, we cannot guarantee that it will not be damaged when it arrives. Between May and September, we pack any items that have a chocolate product with frozen gel packs to avoid damage. We will not refund or replace the product if you have requested ground delivery or are not there to take the delivery into an appropriate environment in a timely basis. We are reasonably certain you will love our popcorn. However, if you have never tasted our flavors, we recommend that you choose a sampler option first to try as many flavors as you wish so that you know what you are getting. Taste is a very personal sense and varies from person to person. We do not offer refunds if you decide that you don't like a particular flavor. If you are local to our shop, stop in to sample the flavors and then decide what you would like to have.
  • Are your products certified Halal or Kosher?
    No. Many of our products use ingredients that are certified Kosher. We have no products on the premises that contain gelatin. Should we decide to use marshmallow in one of our flavors, we will only purchase certified kosher marshmallows so that the products can be consumed by people with these dietary needs.
  • Can I order a custom flavor or color?
    Yes. Contact us to discuss what you would like to have us make. If we don't have the ingredients in the shop, we will attempt to source them and make this for you. We request that you order at least the PARTY size for custom flavors or colors. If you want a combination of flavors we already make but that are not already offered (for instance - oreo with pretzels, Q with Ranch, Maple Bourbon with cherry), we're happy to do that for you as well.
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