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Our Story

Staff at Jake's Ice Cream


Our Mission is to create employment for differently abled people so that they may aspire to all of the same things that most of us adults want. A sense of accomplishment, a sense of community and a sense of autonomy. We are having fun while we are learning skills in the kitchen and working with the public. 

We started with an ice cream parlor - Jake's Ice Cream - in the Barcroft Plaza Shopping Center in August 2021. This was inspired by the owner's nephew. We make our own ice cream and confections in a dizzying array of flavors and designs. 

We are expanding in the spring of 2023 with this next venture into the world of making Gourmet Popcorn. We make all of our products in the shop and are proud to present to you the fruits (or shall we say kernels) of our labor!

We are excited about becoming your favorite snack food place.

We are looking forward to partnering with other groups within our community to expand the possibilities for fostering independence in the work place. We will continue to work with Arlington PEP from internships to hiring staff for pay. We will continue to work with the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia and the Parents of Autistic Children. 


  • Ellen - I have a good sense of humor, a positive attitude and am welcoming to customers.

    • I'd like to make chocolate popcorn and oreo cookies and cream popcorn.

  • Tyronne - I started at Jake's Ice Cream and had a great experience.

    • I want to learn to make ALL of the popcorn flavors​

  • Andrew - I'm a friendly person and I love to help others. I want to work with other people like me.

    • I want to make popcorn dipped in fudge.​

  • Alex - I can make a great contribution to the positive atmosphere.

    • I want to make anything with chocolate!​

  • Mariana - I want to work at Jake's because of its inclusive community.​​

  • Jack - I want to make our customers happy and satisfied with their purchase.​​

  • Connor - I am extremely personable and understand customer service.

    • I want to make Caramel Popcorn​

  • Omar - I am friendly and sociable. The customers' needs are the priority for me.

    • I want to make Butter Popcorn.​​​

  • Janmari - Customer service is making sure everyone has a great experience so they will come back.

  • Mesha - I have experience working for a local grocery store deli counter and enjoy organizing the work space for improved efficiency. I enjoy making recommendations for people to try new things.

    • I'd like to make Peanut Butter Cup popcorn and Chocolate Chip cookie popcorn.​


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